Blog World Expo

What is BlogWorld and New Media Expo?
It’s the only international Tradeshow, Conference and Media Event created for bloggers by bloggers!

Who should attend BlogWorld?
Any Blogger, Vlogger, Podcaster, Internet radio broadcaster, or producer of any other form of new media content. If you blog about business, technology, politics, sports, lifestyle & culture, general news items, or celebrity gossip…If you are a Milblogger, or Godblogger, or advocate a social position, you need to be at BlogWorld & New Media Expo.

Why should I go?...How will this show help me?

If you are serious about your blogging and want to…

  • Increase your readership

  • Monetize your content—make more money blogging

  • Improve the look or functionality of your blog

  • Influence decision makers, sell a product or service

  • Establish yourself as an industry expert

  • Build your brand using new media

  • See and hear industry experts talk about the latest technology and tips

  • Learn about new blogging software features that will help you blog like a Pro

  • Network with bloggers like you, Gurus, professional journalists and industry experts

…then you can’t afford to miss BlogWorld & New Media Expo!

One By One community members:
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This isn’t just for Bloggers, it’s for Businesses too!
BlogWorld & New Media Expo isn’t just for bloggers. If you are a business owner, marketing, PR, or media professional who is interested in learning how to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that blogging and new media present to you and your clients, then you need to put BlogWorld on your calendar now. We have a robust seminar track, and speaking schedule just for business professionals beginning a day before the public show…so visit us online and Sign Up!

Can my company Exhibit at BlogWorld?
If your company wants to Exhibit, gaining focused exposure to the blogging audience and news media at BlogWorld, secure a booth space before they’re gone.

CLICK HERE for Exhibiting information.

For more information, visit:

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